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Tim has had been physically active with sports, military and other similar activities most of his life. Like so many others, starting a family, homeownership, and all the other joys of life eventually caught up with him. Knowing this needed to change, Tim found a new passion in physical fitness after undergoing his own transformation several years ago.

Tim has spent most of his professional career in the Medical Device industry working for some of the largest device manufacturers in the world. The work of doing things that matter to the quality and longevity of life in others fit with Tim's personal values. Upon discovering the Farrell's program, he found it to be the right match with those values on a much more personal and tangible level.

Tim began his journey at FXB Blaine in MN, where he progressed from 10-week challenge member to instructor. His classes are high energy with an intensity to push members to find what they thought were their limits and go beyond them to achieve new levels.

Tim is a respected instructor and coach, routinely sought out for his advice on training and nutrition. Tim is committed to making Farrell's the premiere group fitness program in Maple Grove.

Sara joined FXB in April, 2011, at the Blaine location. She received a flyer in the mail and decided it was time to make some changes. She was nearing her 40th birthday and knew that she wanted to enter her 40s healthy and fit. Working out six days a week was really tough and something that was brand new. She was not an athletic person so had to work extra hard to get the moves right and make progress. Sara ended up losing weight, reducing her body fat, and gaining an excitement for working out that she'd never had in the past.

Sara went from not being active to attending FXB regularly for over three years. During that time, she saw the amazing impact the program had on people's lives and knew that she wanted to expand the franchise and include more people in the benefits. As an owner, instructor and coach, Sara is committed to supporting the members and the individual goals that each person has. Her favorite aspect of the gym are the members and their commitment to each other. They are caring of one another, non-judgmental and truly motivating. She can't say enough positive things about FXB!

I started with FXB in October 2013. I have worked out throughout my adult life and found a passion for fitness shortly before having my first child, but like most people, it was hard to find the time because life often got in the way and I never found a program that motivated me in a way that kept me coming back consistently. After having 3 kids, I knew I wanted to get back in shape, gain muscle and get healthier for both me and my family.

I joined FXB because I saw the transformation that my sister in law had gone through since joining and I wanted to see those same changes in myself. I had been a stay at home mom for 3 years and this was my opportunity to take time for me and get healthy! The first couple of weeks were tough and I pushed myself more than I ever had but that was what kept me coming back! The accountability I found in my coach and other members got me up and at the gym every morning at 5am. Every time I showed up I felt stronger, more confident and more positive about myself. I loved every workout and the instructors were motivating and pushed me every day and it was actually FUN! I knew this wasn’t just a 10 week journey, but a place I wanted to be a part of for a long time…it was my FXB family!

Soon after completing my 10 weeks, I felt the desire to come alongside other’s to help them achieve their goals and dreams! I starting coaching at FXB Blaine and loved it…getting to know new members and being a part of their transformation was such an honor! When Maple Grove FXB opened, I was excited be a little closer to home and knowing one of my favorite instructors was opening the gym made the decision easy to switch. Shortly after that, I was trained to be an instructor and I LOVE seeing the change in people from the inside out and motivating, encouraging and pushing beyond what people think they can do!!! I LOVE the people here and LOVE this program…it changes lives!!!

I started FXB October, 2011. My reason for joining was a little different than most. I didn't need, or want, to lose weight, I wanted to gain muscle and get healthy. I also hoped to strengthen my back after a car accident. I was tired of being called "skinny", not sleeping well, having no energy and I was concerned about "feeling" old. I was turning 45 years old the very next day, it was time to make a change.

I joined FXB Blaine with my sister and my cousin. For me, it was good to go with family and friends; it would help hold me accountable. No quitting after a couple classes like I did at a regular gym. The first couple weeks were rough, many times I thought I would vomit.....or quit. But I stuck it out, in fact, I had perfect attendance. I didn't miss a single class for 10 weeks. Every class I went to, I felt stronger. I got more confidence; I felt pride! I loved the workouts, the instructors and my new FXB family. I decided I wanted to motivate others, so I decided to instruct.

I started instructing in Blaine the following year and then transferred to FXB Andover, living in Monticello and working in Anoka, Andover was a much easier commute. In May 2014 they opened FXB Maple Grove. Originally, I just went to help out. One class led to another and pretty soon I knew this is where I should be. August of this year, I became the evening Manager and I LOVE it. I love the program, I love the people, I love inspiring people and helping them change their lives!

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